More than 13,000 learners from the Schools Division of Sarangani participate in the National Learning Camp, an initiative aimed at elevating the quality of education and providing equal opportunities for academic growth.

The program aligns with the Department of Education’s MATATAG Agenda, focusing on nurturing the potential of the youth for a prosperous future.

The National Learning Camp commences today, July 24, 2023, and runs until August 24, 2023, with 6,724 Grade 7 learners and 6,419 Grade 8 learners from various schools across the province.

Despite the heavy rain early this morning, learners, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders gathered at the James L. Chiongbian National Trade School gymnasium in Kiamba, Sarangani Province for the kick-off the National Learning Camp for Grades 7 and 8 learners and the Summer Reading Camp for incoming Grade 7 learners. (📸Leandro Rodriguez)

The camp is divided into three distinct camps tailored to specific educational requirements.

First is the Enhancement Camp, which caters to 1,970 Grade 7 learners and 1,756 Grade 8 learners. It is aimed at students with exceptional academic talents and skills. Participants experience specialized learning experiences and a challenging curriculum.

Second is the Consolidation Camp, which comprises 3,531 Grade 7 learners and 3,513 Grade 8 learners, offering additional support to students with potential who may require reinforcement of core subjects and foundational knowledge.

Targeting 1,223 Grade 7 learners and 1,150 Grade 8 learners is the Intervention Camp which seeks to provide personalized attention and tailored learning plans to address specific challenges faced by students.

Top: Parents and local officials show their support to the conduct of the NLC at Domnar Lopez Copada IP Integrated School in Maasim. (📸Sittie Joraina Ramirez) Bottom: Learners at Lun Padidu National High School in Malapatan show up on the first day of implementation of the National Learning Camp. (📸Precious Abella)

Prior to the camp, teachers underwent a three-day training program at Sarangani Highlands Resort. The training aimed to equip educators with tools and strategies to optimize the learning experience for the participants and ensure the camp’s success.

To equip teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills in the implementation of the National Learning Camp, a three-day training was held led by Reading Coordinator John Jerson P. Constantino.

The training emphasized collaborative learning and knowledge sharing among educators, focusing on differentiated instruction, personalized learning plans, and creating inclusive classroom environments.
With the training successfully concluded, the Schools Division of Sarangani is fully prepared to embark on the National Learning Camp journey. The combined efforts of educators and learners are set to create a conducive learning atmosphere that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and holistic development.

In addition to the NLC, some schools also continued with their usual End-of-School-Year activities such as reading camps and remediation classes for other grade levels.

These activities represent the commitment of the Schools Division of Sarangani to prioritize education and provide transformative learning experiences.

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