Access a wealth of learning resources from the links below. These include digital learning resources provided by the DepEd Central Office as well learning materials developed by DepEd Region XII and DepEd Sarangani.


DepEd LRMDS is an online platform that provides teachers and learners with digital educational resources aligned with the K-12 curriculum. Its goal is to enhance the quality of education by offering up-to-date and relevant learning materials accessible anytime and anywhere.


The DepEd National Education Portal is an online hub for information, resources, and services related to education in the Philippines. It offers a range of educational materials, tools, and services to promote continuous learning and innovation and improve access to education through technology.


DepEd Region XII Self-Learning Modules are self-paced educational materials aligned with the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines. They are developed by the DepEd Region XII office and designed to provide access to quality education to learners, especially in areas with limited internet connectivity.


Download a copy of the digitized self-learning modules from DepEd Region XII.


DepEd TV was developed by the Department of Education (DepEd) to provide educational content to learners who have limited access to the Internet or other distance learning modalities. The program features video lessons on various subjects and grade levels aligned with the K-12 curriculum. It airs on various television networks in the Philippines and can also be accessed online.

Enhanced Learning Activity Sheets

Following the ideals of the Central Visayan Institute Foundation’s (CVIF) Dynamic Learning Program (DLP), DepEd Sarangani developed its own Learning Activity Sheets (LAS). The resource provides learning activity sheets in various subjects and grade levels aligned with the K-12 curriculum. The activity sheets are designed to be self-paced and independent, allowing learners to study at their own time and pace.

Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara Inc. Learning Resources

Over the years, CLAFI has worked to develop various educational and enrichment materials that advocate for the empowerment, quality education, and sustainable environment of our partner communities in Mindanao.

Through this resource center, CLAFI is making these materials free and available for public use. For usage of these materials, we request that you provide credit and attribution to the Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation and their partner organizations.

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