In support of the national government’s call to promote COVID-19 vaccination, DepEd Sarangani conducted a series of orientation activities to educate its teaching and non-teaching personnel on important information about the vaccination program.

According to the survey administered by the Health and Nutrition Section, 5,075 or 89.92% of the teacher-respondents are willing to be vaccinated while 569 or 10.08% hesitated.

Among the non-teaching personnel, 569 or 79% said yes to vaccination, while 152 or 21% said otherwise.

The hesitation of some people towards vaccination stems from reports about the adverse effects of the vaccine.

“It is normal for our body to exhibit reaction after vaccination because our body is developing protection against the vaccine, which will protect us when the real threat of infection comes,” Suzette Lubonting, Nurse II, explained.

Teacher Felisa Villan, 63, shares that whether she will be vaccinated or not depends on the assessment of the doctor.

“I learned from my medical checkup that I have some health problems and I have to follow the doctor’s recommendation if I am fit for vaccination,” she said.

Prior to vaccination, it is standard procedure to undergo a health assessment by a qualified physician.

DepEd Sarangani has coordinated with local governments on the vaccination of teachers, which will start once the vaccines are available.

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