“I can say that LR on WHEeLS is the best modality we can offer…at hindi magiging hadlang dito ang lokasyon…” Director Allan G. Farnazo, Director IV of DepEd Region XII  said, applauding the people behind the innovation.

Upon learning about DepEd Sarangani’s Learning Resources on WiFi Hub for Expanded e-Learning in Sarangani or  LR on WHEeLS project, Director Farnazo saw its potential and has been of supportive of it.
According to him, LR on WHEeLS passed the yardstick that he has set for an innovation, which are: practical use, content, and interactivity.

With an understanding of the geographical, cultural, and economic background of the province, the Schools Division of Sarangani came up with innovations that will enable learning to continue despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

One of which is the LR on WHEeLS, which provides learners even the remotest communities of the province to experience e-Learning by providing them learning resources packaged in a learning management system that is broadcast using wireless local area network or intranet.
Information Technology Officer Roy J. Detoyato installs the LR on WHEeLS antenna
at Calay IP School. (Photo by Jonathan Agreda)

Grade 6 learner Jasmlie Baran views her teacher’s video on her tablet that is connected
to the LR on WHEeLS server (Photo by Jonathan Agreda)

 LR on WHEeLs provides Sarangan learners with an experience that is similar to online learning that only learners in cities and capital towns have access to. 
The difference is that it does not require internet or mobile data connection, making it cheaper – because user do not have to pay monthly fees – and safer at the same time because it does expose learners to the dangers of cyberbully and threats of cybersafety. 
The project has since gained national attention and replication of the same in other regions of the country is underway.

The meteoric rise of this project’s popularity could be attributed to the exposure it has gained after Dr. Allan G. Farnazo, then Regional Director of Region XII, recommended LR on WHEeLS to be the showcased during the National Kick-Off program of the Opening of Classes.
Even Sec. Leonor Magtolis Briones has mentioned LR on WHEeLS in several of her media appearances.

The DepEd Philippines Facebook page and national media organizations like the Manila Bulletin has reported about the said innovation.

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Efforts are currently being done in the Division of Sarangani to procure the necessary equipment for wider implementation of LR on WHEeLS.

Development of interactive content for the remaining quarters of the school year are currently being conducted.

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