Lanao Kapanglao Elementary School in Barangay Datal Bukay, Glan, Sarangani Province is one of the farthest and hardest-to-reach schools in the Division of Sarangani.

Getting there usually requires a day of trekking. Road improvements have only been done recently, which allows motorcycles to reach the place.

Photo courtesy of Lanao Kapanglao ES Facebook Page

In the new normal, movement restrictions have made it even more difficult to reach the learners.
As the newly designated Teacher-in-charge at Lanao Kapanglao, Jekelenn Quirobin recognizes the logistical challenges of the sitio.
“I am devoted to help those children and people residing at Lanao Kapanglao in our little ways, together with my colleagues,” Quirobin said.
The deployment of learning support aides (LSAs) has given the school an opportunity to check on the progress of the learners in answering their modules.
Reggie Sadaya, who used to be a security guard at a fishing company, now serves as one of the LSAs at Lanao Kapanglao.

“The people of Kapanglao are very happy and excited to receive help from LSAs like me. They said that they are no longer struggling in helping their children accomplish their modules, given their limited educational background,” Sadaya said.
Being a Blaan himself, he said that he could be an inspiration to his fellow Blaans at Lanao Kapanglao.
“Being an IP is not a hindrance to your success,” he tells his learners.
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