In order to address the reproduction cost in printing Self-Learning Modules and other learning resources in this Division, the Curriculum Implementation Division of DepEd Sarangani initiated the development of Learning Activity Sheet (LAS) for K-to-12 learners starting Quarter 2 of School Year 2020-2021.

The LAS is the main instructional material of the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) that promotes independent student learning. It is a one-page material that encapsulates specific learning targets in a clear, simple, and concise manner to improve retention and mastery of a topic.

The Parts of LAS

The LAS has three (3) main parts: a) Basic information; b) The Concept Digest; and c) Activity.

How to Use LAS

The LAS is a supplementary material to be used with other available learning resources such as electronic copy of the SLM, radio-based instruction, video lesson, or printed copy of the portion of SLM that supports the concept digest.

In case that there is no available SLM, RBI, or video lesson for a specific week, schools shall develop and provide necessary attachments for the LAS, such as textbooks (if available) or provide them with additional answer sheets.

Schools that have the financial and material capability to reproduce SLMs may continue to print SLMs.

Printing of LAS

For the first four weeks of Quarter 2, the printing of LAS shall be done by the school. From Week 5 onwards, the LAS shall be printed by the Division of Sarangani.

Soft copies of LAS may be downloaded below.

Downloadable LAS

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