The Local Government of Sarangani has committed to support Radio-Based Instruction, one of the learning delivery modalities to be implemented in the Division of Sarangani, by giving 5000 radio units.

This was discussed in a meeting with Atty. Ryan Ramos, Chief-of-Staff of Congressman Ruel Pacquiao on September 24. 

Radio-Based Instruction will be implemented alongside the Dynamic Learning Program, which is seen to minimize expenses on self-learning modules. 
“Instead of printing modules, teachers will only be printing learning activity sheets (LAS), which is much cheaper than printing complete self-learning modules,” says Curriculum and Instruction Division Chief Donna S. Panes.
Orientations on the preparation of LAS have been conducted in the different districts. 

The radio units will also be accompanied with flash drives containing recorded lessons. 
“The learners will be able to replay the lesson for as many times as they want until they understand the lesson,” says Schools Division Superintendent Gildo G. Mosqueda.
The division is also working on contextualization of lessons, which means using the language learners understand best and using examples that are familiar to learners, in order to make the lessons more effective.
In addition, DepEd Sarangani is purchasing 3,365 radio units for schools serving IP learners.

The Sulong Kabataan Program in cooperation with the Sangguiang Kabataan and its partners have also raised funds for radio units to given to three last mile schools in the province.

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