Reflecting the dedication of civil servants to continue serving the public in the midst of this global pandemic, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) commemorates the 120th civil service anniversary with a timely theme, “Philippine Civil Service @120: Public Sector in the Age of Digital Transformation“.

The theme underscores the use of emerging technologies in the pursuit of efficient public service delivery in the Philippine government, especially in the context of emergency situations.
One observable impact of COVID-19 pandemic is the shift to remote working arrangements in order to limit the movement of people, hence, reducing the probability of spreading the virus.
Work-from-home arrangements rely heavily on technological advancements in communication in order for employees to carry out their duties without leaving their homes.
Online conferences, for once, has become commonplace nowadays and everyone has been left with no choice but to learn the use of collaborative web-based productivity applications.
The Department of Education, being the largest government agency, has been leading the way in utilizing technology to promote work efficiency despite the physical limitations brought about by community quarantine protocols and lockdowns.
DepEd Sarangani has also explored ways of delivering learning while face-to-face instruction is not yet allowed.
Its innovation, the LR of WHEeLS or Learning Resources on Wi-Fi Hub for Expanded e-Learning in Sarangani hurdles the limitations in the reach of internet and mobile data connection in the province by innovating existing technologies to bring e-learning even in the remotest schools in the province.
The month of September has been officially designated as Civil Service Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation 1050 series of 1997, which honors the establishment of the Philippine Civil Service by virtue of Public Law No. 5 (An Act for the Establishment and Maintenance of an Efficient and Honest Civil Service in the Philippine Islands) on September 19, 1900.
In celebration of this year’s civil service anniversary, DepEd Sarangani, though the Personnel Unit, conducts  a series of activities for all employees, including a webinar and contests in photography, poster-making, song-writing, and comical-skit.

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