Head of ICTS-EdTech Mark Anthony Sy challenged the current concept of a computer laboratory when he talked about the Digital Rise Program during the opening program of the Training and Upskilling of Teachers on “LR on WHEeLS” and Enhancement of Content in the LMS, yesterday.

Showing a photo of a usual computer laboratory in a Philippine public school, he said, “Ganyan ang ating concept [ng computer laboratory], pero binasag ‘yan ng pandemya.”

He added that computer laboratories in schools should be able to provide an opportunity for learners to learn using distance learning modalities.

“With the help of our innovative ITO in Sarangani, it [was] all made possible,” he added.

Sy was referring to the LR on WHEeLS or Learning Resources on WiFi Hub for Expanded e-Learning in Sarangani, which was developed by the Division Information Technology Officer of DepEd Sarangani, Roy J. Detoyato.

The LR on WHEeLS is a learning management system that provides learners with an online learning experience without needing internet connection, making it practicable in communities like the most part of Sarangani, where telecommunication service remains a challenge.

“Si Sir Roy ay naniwala sa wisdom ng Open Educational Resources, and he put his own flavor in that program,” Sy said.

Open Education Resources or OER refers to public domain learning materials that could be used and distributed without cost or restrictions.

Sy was first introduced to LR on WHEeLS during his visit in December and has been amazed by it since.

This time, he brought a team from different provinces in the country to learn how the LR on WHEeLS is implemented in Sarangani for possible replication in their respective places.

They will visit schools that implement LR on WHEeLS and will get first-hand experience in installing the network infrastructure of LR on WHEeLS, including the configuration of server and antenna.

“One thing that I made clear with Roy, in the conceptualization and inception of the project, sabi ko, huwag nating ipagdamot ito. This is our contribution to the delivery of education during the pandemic,” Schools Division Superintendent Gildo G. Mosqueda, CEO VI said.

Another purpose of the DepEd ICTS-EdTech team for visiting DepEd Sarangani is to provide training to the LR on WHEeLS content developers on enhancing the content in the learning management system using H5P.

SDS Mosqueda also thanked the DepEd Central Office for supporting the LR on WHEeLS project through the DepEd ICTS-EdTEch unit.

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